The 2011 One Lowell World Cup winners are BRAZIL. We had 20 exciting teams matched up over the 2-day tournament and play was not only competitve but fun and excting. Thanks to all of the amazing players and their fans for coming out. Even on a rainy Sunday morning ; )


ONE Lowell World Cup 2010

The 2011 ONE Lowell World Cup

The ONE Lowell World Cup 2011 will be a 20 Team International Soccer Tournament held at Cawley Stadium in the city of Lowell. This is the fifth year of the tournament, with each year drawing more competitive teams and larger crowds.


The tournament helps ONE Lowell raise money for the school truancy program, and helps foster relationships between different ethnic groups.

Teams enter the tournament based on country and continental zones (Africa, Asia, North and Central America, South America, Europe)



Teams play

Interested in Playing?

Our schedule is full this year, give us a call to get on our list for 2012. Check out the team page, or contact our Director.